Ori Premiers Direct-To-Consumer Products in New York-Metro Area

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NEW YORK -- (October 05, 2021) -- Responding to the growing individual demand for its transformable furniture, for the first time Ori is offering its award-winning Cloud Beds directly to New York City-Metro Area consumers. Previously available only to real estate developers, Ori’s signature Cloud Bed is designed to effortlessly transform spaces traditionally designed for a single purpose, and turn them into multi-use spaces on demand. In about 30 seconds, the Cloud Bed, Sofa Edition transforms between a bedroom and a living room; while the Cloud Bed, Table Edition transforms between a bedroom, a dining area, home office, or game room -- all on demand, at the touch of a button or with voice command.

“Delighted residents in more than 50 apartment buildings located across the country are living with Ori products, experiencing the profoundly positive impact effortlessly transforming space can have for those living in compact settings,” said Hasier Larrea, Founder & CEO of Ori. “But we know we can reach so many more people by bringing our products directly to them. Now we get to do that, by offering our Cloud Bed to homeowners living in the most populous city in the U.S. where space is at its most limited and expensive”

Cloud Beds are available in King or Queen sizes, and in Tall or Short height options depending on the room’s ceiling height. Ori provides “white glove service” for its Cloud Beds, which can easily be installed in just about any room with a ceiling height of at least 8’6’’. Cloud Beds feature integrated power outlets, LED ambient lighting, and ample integrated storage. And, like all Ori products, the Cloud Bed is UL certified with built-in safety features that include constant monitoring of the motors, obstacle protection and a manual power-loss mode.

The Cloud Bed is available to experience in person at the Ori Design Studio in the Brooklyn Navy Yard or virtually at OriLiving.com, where customers can get an estimate and reserve their Cloud Bed. Once reserved, an Ori Space Designer will personally guide a customer through a process that includes a complimentary home visit to ensure proper sizing and fit. Pricing for the Cloud Bed starts at $16,000; financing is available for qualified purchasers. The first 25 customers will receive free shipping and installation, a savings of at least $2,600.

To reserve your Cloud Bed or schedule your in-person visit to the Ori Design Studio, visit www.oriliving.com.

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About Ori

Ori is a robotics and architecture company on a mission to help people live large in a small footprint by making transformable furniture and solutions for a space-challenged world. As the rate of mass urbanization is accelerating, and home sizes are shrinking, Ori combines their engineering, technology, and design expertise to empower people to see and use space differently.

For more information, visit oriliving.com.

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