Ori Design Studio Virtual Tour: The Cloud Bed

- Behind the Scenes

So you’ve heard of the Ori Cloud Bed, but want to know a little more about it.

Join us in our Design Studio in Brooklyn, NY, where we’ll take you through how it works, it’s features, and answer some commonly asked questions.

What sizes does the Cloud Bed come in?

The Cloud Bed comes in two different versions: one with a sofa underneath and another one with a big office table underneath. It also comes in two heights depending on your ceiling height. And finally, you can also choose whether you want a queen size or a king size bed.

How do you control the Cloud Bed?

The Cloud Bed is very simple to control. Tap the Ori logo on the Square to activate it. Then you can press the light button to control the ambient lighting surrounding the system, which is more than enough light for any room. Press the bed button to lower or raise the bed. You can control this with your phone, but also with popular voice controlled devices like Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Tell me about the Cloud Bed, Sofa Edition

The Cloud Bed Sofa Edition features are very spacious sofa, storage underneath, power on the armrests, and the ability to add any coffee table, as long as it's lower than 17 inches. When the bed lowers, you will notice that the back of the sofa becomes your headboard and the armrests become your side table, transforming your space into a truly comfortable bedroom.

Tell me about the Cloud Bed, Table Edition

The table edition features a large table that seats five people and a chest that has drawers, cubbies for storage, and power outlets. When the bed lowers, you actually don't have to move anything out of your table because the table will lower with the bed and your chest will become your headboard.

Is is safe? What if the power goes out?

If you ever lose power, nothing to worry about! You can lower or raise the bed manually, so you can always go to bed.

The system is extremely safe. It undergoes an independent third party safety certification process with UL. Which also certifies a lot of the home appliances that you're familiar with. If the bed comes down and hits an obstruction, it will stop and retract. If you are on the bed while you're trying to move the system, the system will not move.

How is it installed? How much space do I need?

We use eight drywall anchors to attach the system to your wall, very much like the drywall anchors you use to attach a floating shelf. The canopy in the ceiling gets attached in two points with drywall anchors, too. None of this is structural.

Dimensionally, if you want to fit this model into your apartment, you need a floor to ceiling height of at least 102 inches, a clear wall space of 86 inches and a length of 112 inches.

What about the mattress?

The mattress on the Cloud Bed sits on top of a slat base. For the best comfort and experience, we provide a premium memory foam mattress with the product. If you have any special requirements, please contact our team about them.

Where can I buy the Cloud Bed? How much does it cost?

If you are in the New York City metro area Cloud Bed is available for individual purchase today. It starts at $16,000 with financing options available. If you are in another city, please go to shop.oriliving.com, sign up for our wait list and we will let you know when we are available.

Thanks for stopping by our design studio today and checking out our Cloud Bed. If you have any other questions, please contact your Ori space designer for further information."

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